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Narrow 14T – Sram 12s AXS – XPLR – 12s – Pulley Wheels – 14T/P Set

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Take your SRAM XPLR 12-Speed drivetrain to the next level with the 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels equipped with CyclingCeramic Bearings. These meticulously engineered jockey wheels are designed to optimize your transmission’s performance, ensuring seamless gear changes and heightened efficiency during your adventures.

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  • Optimized Performance: The 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels with CyclingCeramic Bearings are precision-crafted to fine-tune your SRAM XPLR 12-Speed drivetrain’s performance. The high-quality bearings minimize friction, resulting in improved pedaling efficiency and increased speed.
  • CyclingCeramic Bearings: Crafted with care, the CyclingCeramic Bearings within these jockey wheels enhance smoothness and durability. Leveraging advanced technology, these bearings provide a silky-smooth pedaling experience and superior power transfer.
  • Friction Facts Tested: Our products have undergone rigorous testing by Friction Facts, an independent laboratory specialized in friction analysis. Test results reveal that our 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels with CyclingCeramic Bearings exhibit a minimal consumption of 0.033 W, an exceptional achievement. This outstanding performance ensures ultra-efficient power transmission, enabling you to push your boundaries.
  • Precise Compatibility: The 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels with CyclingCeramic Bearings are meticulously designed to perfectly fit SRAM XPLR 12-Speed setups, offering a tailored enhancement to your cycling experience.
  • Easy Installation: Installing these jockey wheels with CyclingCeramic Bearings is straightforward, providing a quick upgrade to your drivetrain without any hassles.
  • Durability for Adventurous Rides: Constructed from premium materials and equipped with top-quality bearings, these jockey wheels are engineered to withstand the demands of rugged terrains and challenging conditions, ensuring exceptional durability for countless miles of exploration.
  • Elevate Your Exploration: Elevate your riding experience with the 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels equipped with CyclingCeramic Bearings. Enjoy smooth gear shifts, efficient power transfer, and increased durability that empowers you to conquer new trails and challenges.

Upgrade your SRAM XPLR 12-Speed drivetrain with the 14-Tooth Narrow Jockey Wheels and embark on a journey of enhanced performance and exploration.

  • Jockey Wheel Size: 14 teeth
  • Jockey Wheel Material: Precision-machined Aluminum in France
  • Ceramic Balls: Grade 3
  • Bearings: Hand-assembled in France
  • Compatibility: SRAM Rival, Force, Red XPLR 12-Speed
  • Weight: 34 grams

Included in the Box:

  • SRAM XPLR 12-Speed Jockey Wheels
  • Spacers
  • 15ml Oil Dropper Bottle
  • Mounting Instructions Sticker Sheet


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