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We are CyclingCeramic - a premium component brand with an enduring soul. Since 2013, we have been guided by high technological standards and the desire to create a better world through sport. If you share our values, like to challenge yourself and are concerned about fairness and team spirit, then we are looking for you.

Here’s what you should consider before applying for a job with us.

In our young company, many things work differently from what you might know from a traditional employment relationship. That means :

  • We are passionate about all kinds of sports, especially endurance sports. But a basketball or football game is also a welcome dating alternative. And we love being outside in nature. Always – at any time of day and in any weather.
  • We are a wild and agile company. Speed and experimentation come before structure and forecast. Exactly – sometimes it’s chaotic. We like to make mistakes because it allows us to improve faster.
  • It’s part of our DNA to be always on the move. It is not the responsibility of selected individuals, but of the community in which each individual is motivated for the cause.
  • You are really important to the progress of our business. You don’t just come to work. You will have a lot of responsibilities and you won’t be able to hide, like in a big company.
  • You have to be proactive and show initiative if you want to make a difference. Innovative ideas do not just happen. No one will ask you to solve a problem.
  • You cannot expect services, support and infrastructure from a big company. Know a smarter solution, a better tool, or how to make the process smoother? Go for it.
  • The founders will work with you, but they won’t manage anyone. It’s your job and that of your colleagues. We are self-organized and entrepreneurial.
    If status, titles, and power are important to you, you won’t be happy here.

We all have different demands on our work environment. After all, we spend a large part of our lives there. It pays to be clear about your needs – what do you want from your future workplace? Think about it: do you fit in with us?

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