The wait is over. The SRAM RIVAL Derailleur Cage available now.

SRAM lovers? We heard you.

Newly designed, the SRAM RIVAL compatible oversized derailleur cage is now available.

At CYCLINGCERAMIC, we don’t release a new product unless it’s better than what’s already on the market. Our new SRAM RIVAL ODC is much easier to install and more reliable on the long term. Additionally, it’s stronger – the new design allows for a better smoothness of the drivetrain. And finally…it still offers much better performance than a standard bearing system.


We are delighted to present you our new oversized derailleur cage compatible with the SRAM RIVAL groupsets ⤵️

The Oversized Pulley Wheel Cage is the ultimate advantage in the quest for performance. All of our components have been developed and made in France in order to offer you the highest finishing touches, lifespan and performance.
A decreased friction by 98% and optimal lengthening of your chain with result in up to 1 minute gain in a 20km time trial.

Want to learn more about CYCLINGCERAMIC and Ceramic Bearings improve your overall bike performance? Check this out!

New Website

Our new website – finally – is live!

You know that clunky old bike at the back of your garage with the deflated tires and rusty chain? Well, that was our old website… which, we admit, was slightly embarrassing for self-proclaimed advocates of #freespeed. But we’ve been working hard to bring you a platform as efficient as our friction-free ceramic bearings, and here it is!

So, what’s new?

  • Cleaner, smoother, faster (remind you of anything?)
  • Easier to navigate so you know exactly where to go to get the info you need.
  • A classy e-shop so you can easily filter, view and select the upgrade compatible with your bike.
  • A news section where you will find all kinds of information about new products (they’re coming!), our athletes and community, bearing maintenance (because yes it’s necessary!)… and more.

Better service for you: our contact form is accessible from many different locations on the website, please shoot us any questions you can’t find answers to (do us a favour and check our footer’s pages first!)

Excellence, innovation and simplicity do not stop at our products. We want you to have the same digital experience as the one you enjoy when you’re flying down that glorious stretch of tarmac, oversized derailleur cage and bottom bracket purring as you slice through the wind.

Happy surfing!

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