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Elevating Performance with Syncros Components.

At CyclingCeramic, our commitment to enhancing cycling performance knows no bounds. We take immense pride in producing components that not only meet but exceed the expectations of cyclists worldwide. Today, we’re thrilled to share an exciting partnership that exemplifies our dedication to performance excellence. Syncros: A Legacy of Innovation Syncros, a brand synonymous with innovation […]

10 Years of Ceramic Bearings Excellence

We proudly celebrate a decade of excellence in the high-precision ceramic bearings industry. Since our inception in 2014, CyclingCeramic has relentlessly innovated and delivered top-quality products to cyclists worldwide. Our commitment to excellence has made us the undisputed industry reference. CERA: Evolution in 2024 We’re excited to introduce our CERA range, marking a significant advancement […]

Frame Builder Rocket Titanium meet quality

Winning Match When the pursuit and search for perfection are the main source of motivation for a bike builder; this translates into exceptional quality work and the obtaining of a product of excellence, a true work of art on two wheels. This is the leitmotif of this talented Austrian bicycle manufacturer who, beyond wanting to […]

Specific derailleur pulleys for MTB/Gravel

If you are a fan of cycling off the beaten track, you know how hard the transmission can be put to the test with dust, mud and all the dirt that can become embedded in the chain, on the sprockets and on the derailleur pulleys. To ensure fluidity and power transfer whatever the conditions, we […]

CyclingCeramic ODC 11/12 gear derailleur cage for Campagnolo

Campagnolo fan ? Boost your performances with the new oversized CyclingCeramic cage for Campagnolo 11 and 12 speed EPS or mechanical derailleurs. A derailleur cage with oversized pulleys and ceramic bearings offers a real performance advantage, with a 98% reduction in transmission friction when compared to a standard mounting system, no matter what the derailleur model. Pulleys […]

The wait is over. The SRAM RIVAL Derailleur Cage available now.

SRAM lovers? We heard you. Newly designed, the SRAM RIVAL compatible oversized derailleur cage is now available. At CYCLINGCERAMIC, we don’t release a new product unless it’s better than what’s already on the market. Our new SRAM RIVAL ODC is much easier to install and more reliable on the long term. Additionally, it’s stronger – the new design allows for a better smoothness […]

New Website

Our new website – finally – is live! You know that clunky old bike at the back of your garage with the deflated tires and rusty chain? Well, that was our old website… which, we admit, was slightly embarrassing for self-proclaimed advocates of #freespeed. But we’ve been working hard to bring you a platform as […]

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