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If you are a fan of cycling off the beaten track, you know how hard the transmission can be put to the test with dust, mud and all the dirt that can become embedded in the chain, on the sprockets and on the derailleur pulleys. To ensure fluidity and power transfer whatever the conditions, we have developed specific derailleur pulleys for MTB and Gravel.

Our new aluminum MTB/Gravel pulleys have 14 teeth, which reduces the chain bend when passing through the derailleur cage compared to traditional 12-tooth pulleys. This is not the only specificity of our MTB/Gravel rollers, since on each of them, 13 teeth are narrow, and one tooth is wider than on classic models.

The narrower teeth provide better contact between the chain and the pulley, for optimized power transfer. This also limits the risk of derailment caused by the presence of dirt on the transmission. The wider tooth allows it to clean the chain links of all dust.

With a rotational speed of 800 rpm, the derailleur rollers are heavily stressed when pedalling. Smoother and longer lasting bearings provide a significant short-term and longer-term benefit. Like all CyclingCeramic derailleur pulleys, our MTB/Gravel pulleys are mounted with ceramic balls and long-lasting grease, and are assembled in our workshops in France.

We are happy to launch our first component for MTB and Gravel, with specific narrow tooths.

The MTB/Gravel derailleur pulleys are compatible with 11 and 12 speed drivetrains, and Shimano and Sram derailleurs. They are of course also compatible with road use. And to give the most beautiful final touch to your bike, you have the choice between four anodizing colors (black, red, blue, gold).

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