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Designing the CyclingCeramic
Aerodynamic Derailleur Cage

The aerodynamic derailleur cage is a crucial component for maximizing the performance of modern racing bikes. At CyclingCeramic, we’ve pushed the boundaries of engineering to design a derailleur cage that offers exceptional aerodynamic efficiency while ensuring optimal power transmission.

CyclingCeramic Technology

Our aerodynamic derailleur cage is the result of many hours of research and development. By using advanced modeling techniques and cutting-edge materials, we’ve designed a cage that reduces drag and improves stability at high speeds.

Advantages of the Aerodynamic Derailleur Cage

  1. Reduced drag for maximum speed.
  2. Save 30% Drag compared to standard cage.
  3. Improved energy efficiency for enhanced performance.
  4. Increased stability in crosswind conditions.

Design Process

Our team of engineers starts with thorough research, analyzing airflow and identifying areas of turbulence. We then move on to numerical modeling to refine the shape of the cage and optimize its aerodynamic performance. Finally, wind tunnel tests allow us to validate our simulations and adjust the design if necessary. Our datas have been validated by a windtunnel session with AEROCOACH LTD showing that our Aero Cage is faster than any other standard cage

Materials and Manufacturing

We use high-quality ceramics to ensure both lightness and durability. Our cages are manufactured with extreme precision to guarantee a perfect fit and maximum power transmission.

Testing and Validation

Before being released to the market, all our cages undergo rigorous wind tunnel tests to evaluate their aerodynamic performance in different conditions. Our in-house tests as well as feedback from professional cyclists allow us to ensure that every CyclingCeramic cage meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Save 7 seconds Compared to an OSPW without Aero design on 40km TT.

Testimonials and User Feedback

"Since I started using the CyclingCeramic aerodynamic derailleur cage, I've noticed a significant improvement in my competition performances. The reduction in drag has allowed me to gain some precious seconds on my times."
Professional Cyclist

The CyclingCeramic aerodynamic derailleur cage is the ideal choice for cyclists looking to push their performance limits. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, it offers a perfect combination of speed, efficiency, and stability. Discover our range of aerodynamic cages now and reach new heights on the road.

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