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ROCKET-TITANIUM-BIKES is the name for individual, custom-made and handmade mountain bikes and road bikes made of titanium, a precious material. For those who have already tried everything, for those looking for a bike that is out of the ordinary and beyond conventions, ROCKET-TITANIUM-BIKES was born.

The five different models are currently available as a single frame or complete bike.


Legend Wheels is above all a story of passion and love for cycling. The French brand is settling in a niche where demand is present. What makes the strength of Legend Wheels is the perfectly established range, competitive prices and a response to the demand for high-performance customization.


Syncros is an iconic brand in the world of cycling, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and exceptional design of its bike components and accessories. Since its inception, Syncros has built a strong reputation as a trusted manufacturer, offering cyclists worldwide high-end products to enhance their riding experience.

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