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Time Trial Grease

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The high-performance triathlon time trial grease provides you with maximum power for intense races, but its lifespan is limited. If you’re seeking optimal performance during triathlon events and time trials, this grease is designed specifically for you. Be sure to apply it before each race and clean and regrease your bike afterward to maintain optimal performance. Get ready to push your limits and achieve outstanding results with our high-performance triathlon time trial grease.

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Question about this product ?

The high-performance triathlon time trial grease is specially designed for triathletes and time trial cyclists who require maximum power for a short duration. This grease offers superior lubrication for optimal performance during intense races, but it is intended for short-term use due to its specific formula.

  • Maximum Power for Races: Our triathlon time trial grease is formulated to provide you with maximum power during triathlon events and time trials. Its advanced formula reduces friction between moving parts of your bike, allowing for optimal power transmission. You can rely on this grease to help you achieve your performance goals during intense races.
  • Short Lifespan: It is important to note that this grease is intended for short-term use. Due to its specific formula focused on maximum performance, its lifespan is limited. It offers optimal lubrication for a specific race but requires frequent reapplication. We recommend cleaning and regreasing your bike after each race to maintain optimal performance.
  • Quick and Easy Application: Applying our triathlon time trial grease is quick and easy. Its consistency allows for smooth and precise application to specific areas requiring maximum lubrication. You can apply it quickly before your race, allowing you to focus on your performance.
  • Commitment to Performance: We are committed to providing high-performance products for demanding athletes. Our triathlon time trial grease is specifically designed to offer you maximum power for a specific race. We understand the importance of every second in competitions, which is why we developed this grease to help you reach your full potential.

Important Note: Please be aware that this grease is not recommended for long-term use or daily lubrication. For regular bike maintenance, we advise using a standard, longer-lasting grease.

  • 10 ml (5/6 bottom brackets maintenance)

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