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wax your chain bike with cyclingceramic

“Regular maintenance of your bike chain is crucial to ensure optimal performance, reduce component wear, and prolong its lifespan. With that in mind, we present an innovative solution: wax. This modern alternative to traditional lubricants offers a multitude of benefits to keep your transmission in perfect condition.”
Héloïse Proust – CyclingCeramic CEO


Water and Dirt Resistance

Wax creates a protective barrier on your chain, effectively repelling water and dirt. Thus, your transmission remains clean and functional even in challenging conditions.

Friction Reduction

By reducing friction between chain links and sprockets, wax improves power transmission efficiency while reducing component wear.


Unlike traditional lubricants, wax doesn't leave sticky residues. This means your chain and components stay clean longer, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Wax is an environmentally friendly option, containing no harmful solvents. You can maintain your bike with environmental consciousness.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To apply wax, start by thoroughly cleaning your chain with a degreaser. Then, gently heat the wax and apply it evenly to the chain. Let it dry completely before riding.

Tips for Effective Maintenance

To keep your chain in perfect condition, we recommend regular wax application, based on your mileage and riding conditions. Monitor for signs of wear and dryness, and reapply wax as needed.

“In summary, wax is an innovative and effective solution for maintaining your bike chain. With its numerous benefits, it allows you to enjoy a high-performance, durable, and clean transmission. Try it today and experience the difference it can make to your cycling experience.”

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